class Uniform

A uniform is a global GLSL variable declared with the “uniform” storage qualifier. These act as parameters that the user of a shader program can pass to that program.

In ModernGL, Uniforms can be accessed using Program.uniforms

read() → bytes

Read the value of the uniform.


Write the value of the uniform.


str – The name of the uniform. The name does not contain leading [0]. The name may contain [ ] when the uniform is part of a struct.


int – The location of the uniform.


int – The dimension of the uniform.

GLSL type dimension
sampler2D 1
sampler2DCube 1
sampler2DShadow 1
bool 1
bvec2 2
bvec3 3
bvec4 4
int 1
ivec2 2
ivec3 3
ivec4 4
uint 1
uvec2 2
uvec3 3
uvec4 4
float 1
vec2 2
vec3 3
vec4 4
double 1
dvec2 2
dvec3 3
dvec4 4
mat2 4
mat2x3 6
mat2x4 8
mat3x2 6
mat3 9
mat3x4 12
mat4x2 8
mat4x3 12
mat4 16
dmat2 4
dmat2x3 6
dmat2x4 8
dmat3x2 6
dmat3 9
dmat3x4 12
dmat4x2 8
dmat4x3 12
dmat4 16

int – The length of the array of the uniform. The array_length is 1 for non array uniforms.


The value of the uniform. Reading the value of the uniform may force the GPU to sync.

The value must be a tuple for non array uniforms. The value must be a list of tuples for array uniforms.

class UniformMap

UniformMap is a dictionary like object.

__getitem__(key) → Uniform