class Renderbuffer#

Returned by Context.renderbuffer() or Context.depth_renderbuffer()

Renderbuffer objects are OpenGL objects that contain images.

They are created and used specifically with Framebuffer objects. They are optimized for use as render targets, while Texture objects may not be, and are the logical choice when you do not need to sample from the produced image. If you need to resample, use Textures instead. Renderbuffer objects also natively accommodate multisampling.

A Renderbuffer object cannot be instantiated directly, it requires a context. Use Context.renderbuffer() or Context.depth_renderbuffer() to create one.




Renderbuffer.width: int#

The width of the renderbuffer.

Renderbuffer.height: int#

The height of the renderbuffer.

Renderbuffer.size: Tuple[int, int]#

The size of the renderbuffer.

Renderbuffer.samples: int#

The number of samples for multisampling.

Renderbuffer.components: int#

The number components.

Renderbuffer.depth: bool#

Determines if the renderbuffer contains depth values.

Renderbuffer.dtype: str#

Data type.

Renderbuffer.ctx: Context#

The context this object belongs to

Renderbuffer.glo: int#

The internal OpenGL object. This values is provided for interoperability and debug purposes only.

Renderbuffer.extra: Any#

User defined data.